1fusé x Pélissols
1fusé x Pélissols
Musical setting of the Pélissols vineyard.
76 bottles of natural red wine including a micro-sd card between the cork and the lid.
The micro-sd cards contain 7 music tracks in 3 different formats: 24-bit wav, FLAC and mp3.
The bottles contain natural red wine specially designed for this edition.
Wine : Vincent Bonnal.
Music & design : David Lavaysse.
1fusé x Pélissols
The music is made exclusively from sound-recordings made at the 'domaine de Pélissols' and then recomposed in studio.
The sound imprint of the domain is fixed by taking advantage of the natural reverberations that can be found there.
Recordings were made in the vines, in the winery and in one of the - empty - concrete tanks used for winemaking.

Elements: field recordings, xylophone, metallophone, guitar, melodica, flute and percussions.

With the participation of Yannick Berlaguet (bass), Vincent Bonnal, Cassandre and Sélène (voice in French and Chinese) and dog Leo (grunts).

Tracklisting : 1. Vincent / 2. Doudou / 3. Léo / 4. Olaf / 5. Cassandre et Sélène / 6. Frédéric / 7. René
Total lengh : 17 minutes and 15 secondes.
Mastering : Pierre Vandewaeter.

Doudou, Léo et Olaf are the domain's dogs.
Cassandre, Sélène, Frédéric and René are the girls, the brother and the father of Vincent Bonnal.
  • 1fusé x Pélissols - Oven-driedwine-infused cassettes
  • 1fusé x Pélissols - Oven-driedwine-infused cassettes
  • 1fusé x Pélissols - Oven-driedwine-infused cassettes

Oven-driedwine-infused cassettes

Limited édition of 5 cassettes.

Covers infused in domaine de Pélissol's red natural wine and driedin a oven.
Each tape is different and smells grape.
Inside notes : typewriter & stamp.
1fusé x Pélissols - prises de son

1fusé x Pélissols
1fusé x Pélissols - bouteille de vin nature avec carte micro-sd
The bottles are 'Bordelaise terroir' type.

A 1m20 / 1cm strip of paper encloses them to constitute the label.

The original text is typed with an Olympus Studio 44 typewriter, then scanned and printed on natural paper.

Each bottle is numbered.
From 1 to 76.

Sold out.
1fusé x Pélissols
1fusé x Pélissols
What is the identity of a wine, a domain, a winemaker?
What music, what harmony underlies what you drink?
My approach is inspired by a phrase by Lydia Bourguignon, illustrious agronomist: 'The great wines are like a concert. The soil is the partition, the wine is the instrument and the winemaker is the interpreter.
This wine comes from a mountainous partition.
Arid and windy hills, with living soils. The grass grows there and bees and ladybirds cross. The vine grower accompanies rather than destroys.
Wines without chemistry, in harmony with the ecosystem.
The instrument is somewhat forgotten as the melody matters. Grenache, Syrah, a little Merlot.
The interpreter, who loves wines without make-up, without make-up based on wood, flavoring yeasts, or other avowed techniques, limits his intervention to the strict minimum.
Beautiful grapes hand-picked walls, small vats for each plot, a final assembly for a total harmony. No filtration.

1fusé x Pélissols - David Lavaysse et Vincent Bonnal
David Lavaysse et Vincent et Bonnal
This special wine is meant to represent the domain, its spirit, its identity.
Fruit, sun, freshness, pleasure to drink.
A concentrated wine yest not heavy. You can drink it now or allow it some years to improve.

A tip to fully appreciate it: open the bottle and allow the wine to aerate at least an hour before drinking.
Transfer it gently into a container - carafe, other bottle, pitcher, ... - to let oxygen penetrates it.
From this coupling new aromas and a more voluptuous structure arise.
Do not overlook the temperature: ideally between 16 and 18 degrees.

The 'Domaine de Pélissols' is located in Bédarieux, in the upper valley of the Orb, France.
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1fusé#1 - 32 exemplaires uniques
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Édition de 32 cassettes audio uniques.
Mode de production exclusivement analogique.

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