Mon crédit - Jacques Allaire / David Lavaysse
Mon crédit - Jacques Allaire / David Lavaysse

Musical setting of a bank loan

Part 1
. Crédit (0 > 2mn25)
. Acceptation Rétractation (2mn25 > 3mn37)
. Litiges (3mn37 > 5mn45)
. Contrat (5mn45 > 8mn50)

Partie 2
. Couverture (0 > 2mn35)
. Cessation (2mn35 > 3mn11)
. Renonciation (3mn11 > 3mn55)
. Exclues (3mn55 > 5mn54)
. Incapacité temporaire (5mn54 > 8mn17)
. Paraphe (8mn17 > 9mn28)

Voice & text : Jacques Allaire
Music, mix, design & production : David Lavaysse
Mastering : Pierre Vandewaeter / studio Lakanal


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Mon crédit

This is the story of my bank credit.
An ordinary yet Kafkaesque story, where reality is mangled and distorted by the financial system.
I overdrew my account. My banker called me to discuss my overdraft and suggested a line of credit to cover the deficit.
We were going over receipts.
A stunning discovery: the sum of the bank fees and charges withdrawn from my account added up to the exact amount of my overdraft!

My overdraft was nothing more than the fees and charges imposed by my bank.

My overdraft does not exist.
My overdraft is in essence the bank’s overdraft.
The bank, in all its generosity, offers me a loan so I can reimburse all the money it took away from me.
And of course, with interest and insurances just in case…
A triple sanction.

This will be my credit.
My credit will be this album.

Jacques Allaire

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